White Paper: Taking a Closer Look at the Changing Role of Today’s Law Librarian

Thomson Reuters just released a white paper discussing the evolution of the role of the law librarian: The legal profession has undergone nearly a decade of fundamental change, and perhaps no single role has seen greater impact than the law firm librarian. Budget pressures, shrinking law library footprints, a decreasing reliance on print, a greater push forContinue reading “White Paper: Taking a Closer Look at the Changing Role of Today’s Law Librarian”

Link Roundup – August

What the Declaration of Independence Said and Meant An explanation regarding how the Declaration of Independence encapsulated the political theory that lead to the writing of the Constitution eleven years later.   5 Powerful Books to Inspire Women Lawyers   A reading list with three core beliefs in mind: First, knowledge is power. Second, womenContinue reading “Link Roundup – August”

Productivity Tools

Guest Post by Sarah Steers With technology putting us on call 24/7 and the needs of family, friends, community, and work stretching us in about 187 different directions (combined with that nagging feeling we’re not enjoying the last few weeks of summer as much as we should), maybe a few new productivity tools would helpContinue reading “Productivity Tools”