2010-2011 Annual Report

The officers for 2010-2011 were Joel Fishman, president; Melanie Johnston, vice president/president-elect; Kate Frey, treasurer; Amy Lovell, secretary; Barbara Alexander-Klein and Newkirk Barnes, members-at-large; and Louise Beswick, past president.

The board held monthly meetings throughout the year. The chapter has 78 members, chiefly from Western Pennsylvania with a few members from outside of the region. The chapter is financially in good shape, with $4,500 in the treasury as well as several thousand dollars in a CD note.

Melanie Johnston put together a successful monthly schedule of educational programs: sessions on Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Business Branch and Pennsylvania Room collections; a Lexis Cost Recovery session; David Mundy from the Rand Corporation spoke on using the Dewey Decimal System to organize the internet; and Prof. Lawrence Frolik from the University of Pittsburgh Law School spoke on elder law issues.

Two scholarships were awarded this year: Melanie Johnston received the chapter/AALL travel scholarship and Yan Yu of K&L Gates received the chapter travel grant to attend the Philadelphia conference.

Thomson/West sponsored the holiday party, while Bloomberg Law sponsored the spring banquet.

AALL President Joyce Janto attended the annual banquet in May. Everyone had a wonderful time. Joyce had attended library school at the University of Pittsburgh and renewed her old friendships with the Pitt librarians.

Linda Tashbook won a Pennsylvania Bar Association Pro Bono Award for her work with the homeless. She also serves as the organization’s webmaster.

The officers for 2011-2012 are Melanie Johnston, president; Karen Shepard, vice president/president-elect; Kate Frey, treasurer; Amy Lovell, secretary; Newkirk Barnes and Stosh Jonjak, members-at-Large; Joel Fishman, past president.

Joel Fishman President, 2010-2011

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