2016-2017 Annual Report

WPLLA continued to provide programming opportunities that included on-site and remote capabilities to accommodate members.   Roundtables continue to be popular with our members.  WPLLA hopes to offer more informal social events to help strengthen networking for members.

In 2016-2017, the Programming Committee chaired by Joel Fishman offered several well-attended programs.  These included: Honorable Judge R. Stanton Wettick – Lunch and Learn: Professor Douglas M. Branson – Holiday Party:   Current Problems and Concerns – Roundtable Discussion:  Current Problems and Concerns II – Roundtable Discussion:  Deep Dives in Legal Research – Webinar.  WPLLA continued its Holiday and Banquet events.

WPLLA was honored to have AALL incoming President Greg Lambert visit WPLLA members in May and to be the special guest speaker at the Annual Spring Banquet.  Greg met with several of members at their libraries as well as had several meals and meetings with Board Members.

WPLLA’s Legal Education Ad Hoc Committee continues to be interested in continuing our long held commitment to education held a membership meeting. The plan is to offer short webinars on key research topics to summer associates. This programming was once again postponed.

The WPLLA website redesign by Liz Whittington, featuring a public and members section was rolled out at the Annual Business meeting in October.  Board member Sarah Steers has assisted with providing content. As many members still utilize the listserv it was decided to maintain both services. The WPLLA Newsletter ceased publication following the retirement of Sallie Smith.

The WPLLA membership directory (pdf) was supplied to members.

The WPLLA Board Acknowledges that members feel increased demands on their time and energies at work and at home.   WPLLA offered a list committees with short descriptions and examples of “limited time” volunteer opportunities to increase participation. One of the goals for the 207-2018 term is a review and simplification of the bylaws.

WPLLA publicized among its’ members the 2017 AALL Member Registration Grant. Several applicants applied and incoming Vice President/President elect Melanie Cline was determined to be the most deserving applicant according to the criteria established by AALL.

WPLLA continues to provide networking and educational opportunities to its members and continues to promote itself to the larger legal community. The Board and its members reach out to mentor and welcome new members and look for opportunities to promote WPLLA membership.

The Executive Board for 2016-2017:  Pat Roncevich – President; Joel Fishman – Vice-President/President Elect; Kate Fry – Secretary; Liz Whittington- Treasurer; Ann Unger – Past President; Jamie Yancich and Sarah Steers – Members at Large.

The Executive Board for 2017-2018:  Joel Fishman – President;   Melanie Cline – Vice President/President Elect – ; Kate Frey – Secretary; Sarah Steers – Treasurer; Pat Roncevich, – Past President; Jamie Yancich and Karen Eriksen – Members at Large.

Pat Roncevich, President 2016-2017

June 23, 2017

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