WPLLA Nominations for Officers

Our annual elections for new officers will be held beginning April lst. This year we will be electing a new:

Vice President/President Elect


Executive Board member

The responsibilities for each position are listed below. Please consider volunteering to run for one of these offices or make a suggestion of a colleague that you feel would be a good candidate. Since we are a small group, we ask each of you considering stepping up and help our organization remain strong by volunteering for a turn on the Board.

Distance should be no object! Our board meetings are held monthly at the convenience of the board members. A call-in attendance option is available. In fact, Sue Megarry, Librarian at the Butler County Law Library, recently served as a Board member and called in to attend every meeting, and our last meeting was all by call-in.

Do not be scared away by the Vice President/President Elect title! There is training and assistance available for you. AALL is holding a Chapter Summit for all AALL Chapter leaders followed by an AALL Leadership training session on the Friday and Saturday preceding this year’s annual AALL meeting in Chicago. Our membership has approved funding one night hotel expenses for our VP to attend these sessions.   These are terrific sessions at which you will meet other Chapter leaders with similar concerns. The training that is covered is very helpful in our workplaces as well as in an organizational leadership setting. Please contact myself or Pat Roncevich if you would like further details. Serving as President is a rewarding opportunity and will enhance your career.

Vice President/President Elect

Incumbent serves 1 year as VP; serves the following year as President. The VP/President Elect needs to be a member of AALL. Our VP serves as Chair of our Program Committee and, as such, plans the programming for the year. This is not as difficult as it sounds. The membership and Executive Board provide you with many ideas and suggestions. Your committee can assist with the execution of the program details. Your role becomes one of organization and coordination. There is also a spreadsheet of past programs and list of program ideas to assist you.


The Secretary is responsible for recording the minutes of the monthly Executive Board meetings and the WPLLA business meeting. This is a 2 year position.

Executive Board Member

The member attends the monthly Executive Board meetings. The member provide advice to the Board and may carry out a task assigned by the President. This is a 2 year position.

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