Apply for the AALL Minority Leadership Development Award Today!

Apply for the Minority Leadership Development Award Today!

The AALL Diversity Committee encourages eligible members to apply for the Minority Leadership Development Award (MDLA). This award was created in 2001 to foster leaders for the future and to introduce minority law librarians to leadership opportunities within the Association.

Applicants must be current AALL members who:

  • Have either been members for at least two years or have 2 years of full-time, professional law library work experience;
  • Have no more than 5 years of professional library work experience;
  • Must demonstrate leadership potential; and
  • Are members of a minority group as defined by current US government guidelines as found in 62 F.R. 58782. Minority groups include American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, Black or African American, Hispanic or Latino, and Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander.

The winner of this award will receive prepaid travel, lodging, and registration for the 2017 AALL Annual Meeting; an experienced AALL leader to serve as the recipient’s mentor for at least one year; and the opportunity to serve on an AALL committee.

Applications must be submitted to the Chair of the Diversity Committee by February 1, 2017. You can send your complete application to the address below or you can submit your application by email at hletzmannataalldotorg or following the link on the form. Completed applications are eligible for review for two consecutive annual award cycles.

Chair, Committee on Diversity
American Association of Law Libraries
105 W Adams Street Suite 3300
Chicago, IL 60603

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