Officer Nominations Now Open!

Our annual elections for new officers will be held beginning in early April. This year we will be electing a new Vice President/President Elect, Treasurer, and Executive Board Member-at-Large. 

Please volunteer to run for one of these offices or suggest a colleague who would be a good candidate.   The Nomination Committee knows that our individual members have what it takes to hold these positions, but we need your help in identifying willing candidates.

Distance should be no object! Our board meetings are held monthly at the convenience of the board members. A call-in attendance option is available.

Help keep WPLLA strong, and consider the personal and professional benefits of taking on one of these roles:

Vice President/President Elect

Incumbent serves 1 year as VP; serves the following year as President. Our VP serves as Chair of our Program Committee and, as such, plans the programming for the year. This is not as difficult as it sounds. The membership and Executive Board provide you with many ideas and suggestions. Your committee can assist with the execution of the program details. Your role becomes one of organization and coordination. There is also a spreadsheet of past programs and list of program ideas to assist you.  (Up to 10 hrs./mo. [V-P], 5-10 hrs./mo. [Pres.])

It is good to be V-P! There is training and assistance available for you. AALL is holding a Chapter Summit for all AALL Chapter leaders followed by an AALL Leadership training session on the Friday and Saturday preceding this year’s annual AALL meeting in Austin. Our Executive Board has approved funding the hotel expenses for our VP to attend these sessions.  These are terrific sessions at which you will meet other Chapter leaders plus the training is very helpful for our workplace too.  Please contact Pat Roncevich if you would like further details.


The Treasurer collects and deposits dues and fees, maintains the membership list, and reports on WPLLA’s bank accounts to the board and membership.   This is a 2-year position. (@3-4 hrs./mo.)

Executive Board Member-at-Large

The Member-at-Large attends the monthly Executive Board meetings, offers advice to the Board and may carry out tasks assigned by the President. This is a 2-year position.  [2 hrs./mo.)

Please think about this seriously over the coming week and email or call Ann Unger with suggestions for candidates.



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