February Link Roundup

  Info from current WPLLA Vice President about the upcoming 02/18/2019 Brown Bag lunch, featuring info on Dorothy, “. . . an Artificial Intelligence searching platform which simplifies Patent searching.”


  Karen Shephard sent out a lovely, thoughtful email to the entire WPLLA distribution list, informing members that Rita Young recently published a thought-provoking article, AI & the Practice of Law at the Crossroads: Where Are We Going?, on Evolve the Law (ATL’s Legal Innovation Center). Let’s all raise our glass and cheer Rita’s interesting and timely publication!


12 Ways Marketing & Business Development Can Leverage Library & Knowledge Management Teams With an endorsement from WPLLA member Cindy Cicco (“. . . a great library marketing piece if you haven’t already seen it”), On Firmer Ground reposted an article detailing meaningful ways for firms (and their marketing/business development teams) to leverage the knowledge and skills of their library professionals. Suggestions include assistance with copyright compliance and client communication support.


Dark Law: Published Michigan Precedents on Protection Orders Missing from Westlaw The Volokh Conspiracy blog brings an important freedom of speech issue to our collective attention: Westlaw deliberately neglects posting precedential case law from Michigan pertaining to First Amendment issues and personal protection orders. For more information, including a detailed analysis of labyrinthine statutory interpretation, please read the post in full!


NEW DATABASE: GAO Reports and Comptroller General Decisions HeinOnline recently announced its first new database of 2019: GAO Reports and Comptroller General Decisions. Free for subscribers, it includes more than 47,000 titles and nearly two million pages of “. . . reports on audits, surveys, investigations, and evaluations of federal programs conducted by the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO).” All published reports, testimonies, correspondence, and special publications are included (except for restricted or classified documents). Also, “GAO Comptroller General Decisions contain decisions and opinions issued by the Comptroller General in areas of federal law such as appropriations, bid protests, and federal agency rulemaking.”


SCOTUSblog is partnering with Casetext SCOTUSblog is “. . . partnering with Casetext to help [its] readers access the court opinions, statutes and other primary legal content” cited in SCOTUSblog posts. SCOTUSblog positively notes that CaseText makes “. . . many court opinions free to the public, aligning their business instead around developing new and groundbreaking technology to help lawyers provide faster, better service for clients.”



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