March Link Roundup

Rita Young announced an upcoming event by email: featuring Krista Ford, as well as Kristin Delwo (President & CEO of Stacks) and Leif Johnson (EBSCO Sales Executive), this program will present and demonstrate the new STACKS platform for EBSCO. It will be hosted at Pepper Hamilton at noon on March 21, 2019.
Joel Fishman sent the article, The Law Library of Congress: A Global Resource for Legal Education, by email on 03/06/2019 (his email contained both a link to the article as well as an attachment). Published in the Journal of Legal Education, authors Andrew Winston, Peter Roudik, Barbara Bavis, and Donna Sokol detail the history of the Law Library of Congress as well as the resources it contains (hard copy and digital) and the services it offers to researchers.
In an email chain initiated by WPLLA member Dr. Joel Fishman (and updated and corroborated by WPLLA members Ann Unger and Better Ward), we learned that the links to the unannotated Purdons Statutes on the Pennsylvania General Assembly’s website have been removed as West dropped its sponsorship and the Legislative Reference Bureau declined to pay a fee to keep it available on the website for use by the public. Though many feel the Pennsylvania Legislature should pay to have it remain available, the Legislative Reference Bureaus simply does not have the funds to do so.
Dan Giancaterino, the Education Services Manager at the Jenkins Law Library, stated that he was contacted by a Thomson Reuters rep as he includes the Unofficial Purdon’s link on the law library’s website. The rep claimed that since the PaLRB chose to discontinue its contract for the Unofficial Purdon’s website, it will be removed in May 2019 and a warning note will be added to the website in April.
WPLLA Vice President Rita Young encourages members to attend an upcoming presentation hosted at Pepper Hamilton on the new STACKS platform for EBSCO. WPLLA member Krista Ford, along with Kristin Delwo, President & CEO of Stacks, and Leif Johnson, EBSCO Sales Executive, coordinated the event. A most appreciative Thank You to both Cindy Cicco for hosting, and to EBSCO for providing lunch!
WPLLA Vice President Rita Young announced the next presentation:  LexisNexis Librarian Relations Consultant, Gayle Lynn-Nelson, will provide an overview of the latest and greatest on Lexis Advance. A special thank you to Melanie Cline for hosting!
CRS – Congressional Access to the President’s Federal Tax Returns “By refusing to disclose his tax returns, President Trump has breached — and may have demolished — the longstanding norm under which sitting presidents and presidential candidates are expected to voluntarily disclose their federal tax returns.” But this CRS Report review the possibility of congressional committees requesting these tax returns (or the tax returns of future Presidents) under provisions of the Internal Revenue Code.
CRS – Special Counsel Investigations: History, Authority, Appointment and Removal This report identifies “. . . the potential conflicts of interest that may arise when the executive branch investigates itself” and details the potential need for “. . . criminal investigations by prosecutors with independence from the executive branch.” It also reviews the response, from both Congress and the U.S. Department of Justice, to develop “. . . statutory and regulatory mechanisms to establish a process for such inquiries.” New, Tip, and Top for March 2019, Part 2 A blog post hosted on In Custodia Legis (the blog from and for the Law Librarians of Congress) listed the new updates for the new website, including the ability to filter by subcommittee or review a Committee Schedule by checking information posted daily and weekly.
The Evolution of Law Libraries Multiple links posted by beSpacific take the reader to articles published in the Harvard University Law School Center on the Legal Profession’s web journal, The Practice. Articles include topics such as how is trying to fix legal citations, and info on the recently introduced bill to eliminate PACER fees.

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