December Link Roundup

5 Ways to Pursue a Passion Project While Working a Full-time Job  Multi-hyphenate writer/artist/musician Danielle Sinay discusses ways to “find time for hobbies.”
 Debra Pfeifer sent a second announcement re: the WPLLA Holiday Party, sponsored by Lexis Nexis:
The Capital Grille
301 Fifth Avenue
December 11th, 2019 from 12:00-1:00pm  
 Ann Unger asked about document/article delivery retrieval services, including those that are no longer active. Responses included:
Retrieve-It (aka “Magic” Steve Wasserman)
Reprints Desk
Wisconsin TechSearch  
GPO Completes Digitization of 1,300 Congressional HearingsAn email forwarded by Joel Fishman states that the “U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) has digitized more than 1,300 historical Congressional Hearings dating back to 1958 and made them available on govinfo.” Please be aware: links contained in the article are behind a paywall.  
The Constitution Annotated—Impeachment ClausesLinked from In Custodia Legis, beSpacific provides information in essays “pertaining to impeachment” and other resources. There are multiple links in the post – follow all for details!  
Writing Means RewritingA thoughtful essay from Professor William S. McFeely from The American Scholar, explaining how multiple drafts are integral to good writing.  
WPLLA: Google Drive DocBetty Ward provided a link to “The Tort Talk 2019 Civil Litigation Update;” a downloadable .pdf is included.  
How to Find Out When a Webpage Was PublishedA post from Make Tech Easier lists helpful tips for how to identify when a webpage was first published.  
An Impeachment Counterfactual: Could the Senate hold a trial even if the House does not transmit the Articles of Impeachment?  A detailed post (by a law professor!) explaining the intricate details and rules surrounding a presidential impeachment process.
The best free software for your PCA massive slide deck with information on “. . . Solid security tools, productivity software, and other programs.”  

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