February Link Roundup

Should the public pay a dime for access to court records?Linking to a Washington Post article, beSpacific provides information on a challenge to the search function paywall to PACER, the Public Access to Court Electronic Records.  
 Linda Tashbook forwarded information from the Allegheny County Law Library regarding a free CLE scheduled for Friday, March 13: legal research tips for new associates!  
 Debra Pfeifer emailed an invite to the February 2020 Monthly Meeting, to be held at noon on February 27th at Eckert Seamans.  
The Oldest Treasures From 12 Great LibrariesIn a thoughtful (and in the words of Frank Liu, “fascinating”) article linked from Atlas Obscura, twelve librarians identify the oldest books in their collections.  
Stanford scientist: 12 tiny habits that will instantly make you more productiveA Stanford University professor claims the key to developing successful habits “. . . is to think small when wanting to develop new behaviors or routines.” Suggestions include hiding programs or tabs when opening a new Word document or browser tab, or logging out of social media.  
 A request from Debra Pfeifer to RSVP to the upcoming monthly meeting.  
New Online Resource: War Powers and Presidential PracticeFrom beSpacific via Just Security, details on the new War Powers Resolution Reporting Project. This project is an “. . . expansive new resource that analyzes the war powers reporting practice of every president in the 45 years since the WPR was enacted.”  

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