October 2021 Link Roundup

Government Law Librarians: Let’s Talk! (notesbetweenus.com) A county law librarian shares insights into a seven-year career and offers some areas in which government law librarians should engage in deeper discussion. 6 Strategies for Exhausted Working Parents (Harvard Business Review) Working parents are depleted. Every single one of the dozens of working moms and dads the author hasContinue reading “October 2021 Link Roundup”

November Link Roundup

WPLLA member Cindy Cicco sent an invitation to join the weekly ALCTS e-Forum; specifically on called “eBook Management: What Works, What Doesn’t.” The event takes place on 11/13-11/14, so if you’re hearing about this for the first time on the WPLLA website, you’re out of luck. Perhaps one of our members who attended can fillContinue reading “November Link Roundup”

October Link Roundup

FDsys Website to be Retired This December Links to additional info on the transition from the GPO’s Federal Digital System (“FDsys”) to Gov Info. FYI (for those of you who’ve somehow made it this far without hearing the news): FDsys will be fully retired this December! The FY2019-2023 Strategic Plan of the Library of CongressContinue reading “October Link Roundup”

September Link Roundup

Do these things to avoid post-vacation stress at work Seven great tips for bringing your sense of “inner peace” back with you post-vacation. Very smart of WPLLA Member Joel Fishman to send this link out the day after Labor Day!   How to Create a Professional Online Presence Authentically Marketing expert and entrepreneur Vana KoutsomitisContinue reading “September Link Roundup”

August Link Roundup

New Mexico Law School Librarians’ Fight For Faculty Status And Equal Voting Rights A recent TaxProf Blog post highlights a new Law Library Journal article, published by AALL. “Based on research of over sixty years of archival records, this article presents a case study of the University of New Mexico School of Law librarians’ fightContinue reading “August Link Roundup”

July Link Roundup

President’s Selection of a Nominee for a Supreme Court Vacancy: Overview Following Justice Kennedy’s departure from the U.S. Supreme Court, the website “Every CRS Report” provides info on the process for selecting a new Justice. It also links to CRS Report R44235, Supreme Court Appointment Process: President’s Selection of a Nominee.   The Longform GuideContinue reading “July Link Roundup”

June Link Roundup

Bye, Chrome: Why I’m switching to Firefox and you should too In an interview with Madhava Enros, the senior director of Firefox UX, and Peter Dolanjski, a product manager for Firefox, the two explain how Mozilla’s browser builds privacy into its architecture.   Bringing Harassment Out of the History Books Anne Ford, in a longContinue reading “June Link Roundup”

May Links Roundup

Gmail’s Smart Compose will write emails for you Smart Compose, a feature now available in the new Gmail re-vamp, “suggests complete sentences in your emails so that you can draft them with ease.”   Use Google Scholar’s Advanced Search for Narrow Case Law Searching This Texas Tech Law Library’s blog post provides interesting “tricks” forContinue reading “May Links Roundup”

April Link Round Up

FDLP MODERNIZATION ACT OF 2018 WOULD ENSURE GREATER ACCESS TO GOVERNMENT INFORMATION The April 2018 AALL Washington EBulletin, forwarded by Joel Fishman, reviews the FLP Modernization Act of 2018 and provides a section-by-section analysis of the bill as well as information on how the GPO, Copyright Office, Congressional Research Service, and Library of Congress budgetsContinue reading “April Link Round Up”

March Link Roundup

Librarians digitally archive rare White House images According to news alerts from the ALA and CNN, a “team of librarians working for the White House Historical Association have been digitizing archives of uncatalogued slides from White House history, most of which haven’t been accessible by the public before now.” If you spot something you wantContinue reading “March Link Roundup”