A Tour of Pittsburgh Bookstores: Update

Here’s a great update to our blog post, A Tour of Pittsburgh Bookstores.

Amazing Books and Records is opening a new location on the South Side!  As noted by the Pittsburgh City Paper, this will be the first “full-time bookstore” on the South Side in many years.  Keep your fingers crossed for a grand opening in early June.

The owner of Amazing Books, Eric Ackland, plans on using the 4,600 square foot space to its fullest potential.  The book displays and inventory will be greater than what’s housed in either of the other locations (Downtown and Squirrel Hill) and he plans on opening a coffeeshop and café later.  Most exciting for literature lovers and blossoming writers is that the space will allow for different writing workshops, including the Steel Quill Writers Workshop.  Check back to the Amazing Books website or the Workshop’s Facebook page for an upcoming schedule.

Ackland acknowledges the risks associated with expansion, unconventional retail hours, and a new location in a notoriously nightlife-friendly neighborhood (see the City Paper article for a more nuanced explanation) – but the eventual workshops will hopefully become a significant source of revenue for the burgeoning chain.

Congrats to Amazing Books and Records!  Here’s hoping to more fun updates for this locally owned bookstore, and all of others from our original post.

Again, if we missed your favorite bookstore in our original post, send WPLLA an email and we’ll update the list ASAP!

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